We’ve built the first Google Sheet Add-on that allows you to search and collaborate on domain names. All you have to do is enter your domain name and click search. GSheetDomains automatically searches your domain name and hundreds of other combinations for your consideration.


Share the Google Sheet with your co-founders so you can both review results and comment on your favorites. No more emailing back and forth names, only to find someone snatched it up in the meantime.


Maybe you want RocketShip.com, but that’s been taken. We automatically search hundreds of other prefixes and suffixes like MyRocketShip, RocketShipOnline, RocketShipWeb, and many others. You’ll be sure to find a great name!

Save Searches

There are many websites that search domain names, but once you close that site, your results are gone. Putting results in a Google Sheet allows you to save your searches while you do your research. You can always come back and refresh results to get the latest data.

Searches Your Domain Name Automatically With GSheetDomains

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